Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Semi nude photos of John Legend and his wife

Chrissy Teige and Her beau John Legend tied the knot few days ago and she has made a successful career out of stripping for the camera so was happy to do the same for her husband's music video, All of me.

The director of the music video Nabil also shared the picture on Twitter, and Chrissy certainly didn’t seem to mind as she retweeted both posts.

The brunette beauty then joked: ‘I figure you can't be suspended from a retweet,’ referring to the time her account was suspended after she shared a nude photo of herself getting a spray tan.

After she was apparently met with some backlash, the famously fiery star and social media enthusiast was quick to hit back.
‘Literally everyone has a nipple,’ she tweeted. ‘Get over it. #nipple #get #over #it #getover

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